Glass Pipes in Winchester, NH

Emporium Smoke Shops LLC boasts the largest inventory of glass pipes and water pipes in Winchester, Richmond, Swanzey, or Hinsdale, NH. We stock everything from intricate glass water pipes to pocket-sized pipes. Our hand-selected stock of glass pipes allows you to find the one that meets your needs and looks great as part of your growing collection. Additionally, we sell hookahs and accompanying supplies.



Handcrafted Pipes and Water Pipes

At Emporium Smoke Shops LLC, we believe using a glass pipe or water pipe gives you the best smoking experience. That’s why we curate a selection of beautifully hand-made pipes from local artisans and the most trusted names in glass blowing. Our expert staff understands the nuances of glass water pipes and pipes, so they can help you find the one that makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

Our glass selection includes pipes and glass water pipes of all shapes, sizes, colors and price points. Whether you’re new to smoking with glass or have done so for many years, our employees can offer recommendations to help you find the right piece. If you need supplies to clean your glass pieces, stop by to pick those up here.


Along with standard pipes and water pipes, we also sell hookahs and the supplies and accessories you’ll need for a traditional Middle Eastern smoking setup. We recommend that first-time hookah buyers shop with us to ensure they get everything they need and learn how to use this exotic smoking device properly. We won’t upsell you products you don’t need—rather, we make sure you have all the necessary supplies to smoke your hookah at home.

If you’ve enjoyed the delights of hookah for years or even decades, find the supplies you need to replenish your personal stock at our smoke shop. Our inventory of hookah supplies includes hoses, cleaning tools, bases, smoke enhancers, stems, bowls and shisha in numerous flavors.


  • Chillums/One Hitters
  • Spoon
  • Bubbler
  • Sherlocks
  • Water pipes
  • Rigs
  • Male/Female Adapters 14mm/18mm
  • Bowls and Slides
  • Downstem
  • Hand blown glass
  • Ash Catchers
  • Mug Pipes

Glass (General)

  • BIO
  • Chill Glass
  • Phoenix
  • Tasty Puff
  • Clover
  • American Eagle Glass
  • Ash Glass
  • Hand Blown: Tall Tom Glass (More Coming Soon)
  • Diamond Glass
  • Boss
  • Hollistic

Shop the Finest Glass Selection in Winchester, NH

Call Emporium Smoke Shops LLC at 603-242-5426 to speak with a staff member about our inventory of glass pipes, water pipes and hookah supplies. Or, visit our convenient location in Winchester, NH to see our beautiful pieces and selection of vape and tobacco products up close and in-person.

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